Walt Disney`s 

Binny and the Ghost 

Lead Music Producer / Songwriter 

Binny and the Ghost (Binny und der Geist in Germany) is the first german television series on  behalf of the Walt Disney Company. Production time was 2013-16 in and around Berlin and includes 2 seasons and 24 episodes, Germany.

The series had it`s premiere on Disney Channel in South Africa and the Middle East in 2014 and  is aired in 12 countries around the globe.


The story of the series is about a teenage girl who moves with her parents to an old house where  she finds a watch on the attic. With this watch she`s able to see ghosts. Opening it for the first  time enables her to see one standing right in front of her. In the time coming they solve many  crimes together.   

The music combines orchestral classical music in the style of  the famous Disney comedy scores  with pop and rock songs.